About Nate & The TeamBRILL Team

We, on The Brill Team, are not your average agents. We are a true team, partners, and family … dedicated to serving our clients with not just the basics of helping to sell or buy a home but, more importantly, treating each and every client as a real human being. As someone with hopes and dreams, not just as a transaction or a commission check.

We believe that we have the unique privilege to be a part of one of the single biggest decisions most people ever make in their life, and we do not take this lightly. We understand and respect that this isn’t easy … even in the best of scenarios, it’s stressful. We come from a place of patience and empathy, with not a single ounce of the “pushy salesperson” vibe. 

As a seller, we recognize that you are stuck until we do our job. You don’t have the luxury of shopping around for where you want to be like a buyer does, and we take this to heart. It is our responsibility to help educate you on the market and to set realistic expectations of price, time frames, and to communicate with you every step of the way. You’ll hear feedback from every single showing, get detailed reports on open houses, and never feel that you “don’t know what’s going on with your house.” We are on a mission to not just sell your house for the highest price in the least amount of time, but also to make the process as smooth as it can possibly be.

As a buyer, you may or may not know the Valley. For that matter, you may or may not know exactly what you’re looking for in a home. It’s our job to help you with that. We aren’t just the “agent with the key,” we are a resource, a confidant, and your ally. We negotiate for you as your true representative to make sure you’re getting the absolute best deal and to make sure you know your rights as a buyer. We want your home to be a blessing for you and your family, not a financial curse. So, that said, we will help in holding you to your budget that you know you’re comfortable with and not push you to pay more or to buy bigger than you want or need.

Our ultimate mission is to make you, our client, a raving fan. We want you to feel that you really and truly got the level of service and commitment that you deserve. The greatest measurement of our success in doing this would be that you would feel so happy with us that you would tell your friends and family when it comes time for them to buy or sell.

We can’t wait to work with you!!! 🙂