Dave Ramsey ELP

I am truly honored to be a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). 


Dave Ramsey is the reason I’m in Real Estate. In 2007, driving cross country for work - deeply in suffocating debt, desperately missing my family, traveling incessantly to barely scrape by - I stumbled across The Dave Ramsey Show on the radio. Immediately, the Baby Steps made sense to me, and I was confident it was an easy enough plan my wife I and could follow it! I have been an ardent follower and have practiced Dave's financial principles religiously since.

Over the next four years, while listening to thousands of hours of The Dave Ramsey Show, and following the other teachers and mentors Dave introduced me to through his show, we worked hard, and we continued to hammer away at our staggering six-figure debt load, until we paid off EverySinglePenny. Today, we are able to “live and give like no one else!” because of Dave Ramsey.

I knew I wanted to be a Dave Ramsey ELP in Real Estate before I even had my license. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to help others by sharing the "Baby Steps," and Real Estate is a natural segue for that conversation. Whether buying or selling a home as a residence or as an investment, a home sale/purchase is often the single largest financial transaction someone will conduct in their lifetime. When we began our journey to Financial Freedom I learned Dave's philosophy is that “Those who don’t manage their money will always work for those who do,” and it forged my resolve to start my own Real Estate business.

In 2014, I was proud to launch my Real Estate career without taking on any debt because we had been telling "our money where to go instead of wondering where it went" for so many years. Today, Brill Team operates 100% debt-free and employs four full time staff members, paying it forward to other families.

So, as an ELP, I don't just talk the talk - I walk the walk. We care more about you than any sale or commission check, and share the same values as one of the most trustworthy “brands” in America.

Dave only recommends only a handful of carefully selected, pre-screened, elite Realtors he considers “high protein/high octane” - agents that sell more homes than 90% of the other agents in their market. However, more important than the numbers, Dave's team interviews and scrutinizes each applicant to ensure any ELP endorsed by Dave Ramsey truly possess the heart of a teacher, not of a salesman. The ELP designation is a demonstration of confidence that I will guide our clients with the same values & advice Dave Ramsey would give.

About Dave Ramsey: Dave Ramsey is a nationally syndicated radio host that has more than 12 million daily listeners on 575 radio sta

tions.  His mission is to get people out of debt, to live on less than they make, and become outrageously generous.  With such a platform and

 such a clearly defined mission, he only endorses the absolute best real estate professionals that exceed the intense & rigorous standards of excellence set forth by him & his team.

To learn more visit https://www.daveramsey.com/elp